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Robert Overby Kelly Buick


Robert Overby Kelly Buick
Driver Robert Overby
Sponsor Castrol
Make Buick
Original Team
Price SOLD!
Details The car was commissioned by Buick Motor Co. to be built from the ground up to compete in IMSA American Challenge and Camel GT series. It was built in Atlanta by Chuck Gaa who later built road race Buicks for Junior Johnson . It won the first pro race for the Buick stage 11 V-6 and successfully raced by Bob Overby in 1983 and partial 84. It was stored until 1998 and began vintage racing in 1999 running most HSR events thru 2002 compiling many class wins in both sprint and enduro events.

I bought it this year and had Riggins prep it for Next season. The engine is fresh off the dyno--normal rebuild plus pistons, upper end and new titanium valves. 503.9 hp , 397.1 torque . The car weighs 2586 # wet, has huge oversize wheels and tires, which should make it run with some of the faster Cup cars.The quick change and Jerico have been freshened, I put on brand new front hubs bearings ,rotors and pads, a new total protection NASCAR seat, replaced the rack and pinion steering servo which caused me not to race it. I did run several laps on test day and everything checked out, had it teched and got a SVRA logbook. $40,000 with enclosed trailer full of spares

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